Research Programmes

IPAR Programmes and Research Work 

Governance and Development   

This programme seeks to strengthen democratic governance in Kenya and the East African Region, thereby promoting an organisation of the Kenyan society and the East African Region that are conducive to socio-economic development. Read more

Macroeconomic Policy Analysis

The broad objective of this programme is to analyse macroeconomic policies and their implications for the economy of Kenya. Read more

Real Sector: Agriculture and Industry

Research and policy analysis work focuses on the evolution of policies for promoting agricultural and industrial development. Read more

Social Sector: Education and Health

This programme aims at developing policies for resolving problems inhibiting the development of human capital in Kenya. Read more

Monitoring and Evaluation Programme

Capacity Building

Through its competitive  internship programme, the Institute is a major contributor to capacity building for young professionals seeking careers in policy research and analysis within government, private organisations and other institutions.